Topics to pray about

Please pray

  • that God will reveal Himself to people in our villages
  • that our local Corona virus will be contained
  • that the vaccine will be effective and received by everyone
  • that those of our friends and families who are not believers will develop a hunger for God
  • our local schools will have wisdom to provide a safe place for the children and help in their learning
  • for our leaders and politicians, that God will direct them into making good choices
  • for those of our number who feel anxious or isolated
  • for those people who are suffering from a reduction or lack of income
  • for those with mental health issues
  • for households where abuse is happening 
  • for those who work in our churches, priests, readers, church wardens, PCC's, etc.

There is an extended prayer about Coronavirus on the World Vision website. Click World Vision to go there and scroll down for the prayer.

Prayer for Afghanistan

Open Doors have an extensive article to guide our prayer for Afghanistan. Scroll down for up to date prayer points

Christian Aid has a written prayer as well as a list of prayer points.

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