Youthchurch and Toddlers in lockdown

Sadly we cancelled the last face to face sessions of Toddlers and Youth Church back in April, but after Easter, we realised at we would have to find new ways of keeping in touch, so enter the era of Zoom! 

Youth Church has met virtually all this term, with a smaller group of faithful youngsters grateful for social contact. We have usually issued a challenge for them to come up with before or during the group, like coming in disguise, doing a scavenger hunt, or creating a junk model. We have done quizzes and devised games you can play through a screen. It's not business as usual - singing together just didn't work - but we have ended each session with prayers and been blessed to have fun together.

We are currently looking at how we can include our Years 6s without being able to go into school and meet them as we would normally, so if you know anyone about to go to secondary school who would like to join us, do get in touch!

Toddler Zoom has worked for our older children, with a craft activity using materials they have at home, a story and songs/dancing, but the little ones really don't engage with Zoom, so we have set up a Facebook group to stay in touch. It's been lovely seeing our toddlers grow and develop even when we can't be together!

So we find ways to share our lives, no matter what, but we very much hope we can get together in person in the autumn, even if it means socially distanced (though how you persuade 2 year olds, or 12 year olds, to keep apart, I really don't know!). The government guidelines say that youth groups can start again, as long as children don't socialise with anyone other than their own families!!! Please pray that we might have wisdom as we plan!

Emma Phillips