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Welcome to our July issue - still in lockdown. Here are tasters for the full articles; there seems to be several items concerning refugees, we hope you find them interesting and challenging.

From the Rectory

The uniqueness of Christianity and why I pray for others to come to know Jesus.

(This article is written in response to the article by Rev’d Ian Ross asking “Why should I pray for others to come to know Jesus?” see "Thoughts during Lockdown")


There are many stories of faithful often sacrificial service across all faiths, but the Christian faith is the only faith

  • which offers a relationship to God as a father 
  • freedom from the burden of sin
  • assurance of the promise of eternal life, life with God beyond this life.

When I was training to become a priest, I spoke with a number of Muslims who were ardent in their faith. I was struck by their lack of certainty on two vital things. They were not sure that their sins were forgiven and they were not sure if they would go to heaven - it all depended upon the weighing of their good deeds against their bad or lack of deeds. The outcome was that their faith was a driven faith, constantly striving to reach a standard that to be honest was not achievable. Click here to read the whole article.

Local News


It is with great sadness that we share the news that Revd. Averil Taylor has died after a period of illness. Please click here to read about her life and tributes to her.



We are also very sad to report the passing of Graham Lewis. Graham has had a long period of being unwell and moved to be near his family. Tributes to Graham, who was a faithful member of St Thomas' and served on the Parish Council for many years, may be read hereIf you would like to contribute, please send your thoughts to edofhanwood@gmail.com




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During this time when our churches are closed we do meet via zoom on a Sunday. Please email Graham for a link to the service. revgrahamphillips@gmail.com

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