Lent Groups 2019

There is a choice of subject, venues and times for this year. There are 2 courses, 'God's Story BC' looks at key characters from the Old Testament in order to give an overview of God's message. Alternatively, 'Soul Spark' is a course in listening to God through the work of the Holy Spirit.



God's Story BC 

  1. Hanwood. Led by Emma Phillips each Monday morning 10.00 - 11.30

11 March @ 5 Chestnut Close

18 March - 8 April @ The Coppins 42 Woodlands Avenue

​​​​​​​     2. Westbury. Led by Ian Williams on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 7.30

12 March - 9 April and 13 March - 10 April at St Mary's Church, Westbury.

Venues for this course are interchangeable and will follow the pattern below.

God's Story BC
The Bible: God's call, our response
Abraham and Sarah: called to pioneer
Moses: called to go back
Ruth: called to be faithful
Jeremiah: called to tell the truth
The Psalmist: called to sing out

Soul Spark

Longden, led by Graham Phillips on a Monday afternoon 2-4 pm.

Dates: 11 & 18 March and 1 & 8 April. 

Longden Rectory.